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Douglas Lim Author, Winter Garden Blossom A Winter Garden Blossom is an engaging story for middle school and early grade readers. Follow Sydney as she tries to develop the courage and inspiration to push past the obstacles in her life and attain the personal growth and spiritual transformation she wants.

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The days of packing and unpacking were over, and her family settled into a new town, with promises from her dad that their moving days were over. Finally! Sydney could leave the past behind. But not quite.

Her new days at Winter Garden Middle School bring with them a host of insecurities she wanted desperately to leave behind. Although she finds a good and faithful friend, the days at her new school are daunting and challenging.

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Author’s Corner

I’m Scared, Grandpa! - Picture Book

I’m Scared, Grandpa! is the perfect book to share with your little ones to teach them how to face the things that they are afraid of and the importance of prayer and trusting in God when they are afraid. You will enjoy reading about Jenny and her grandpa to your young ones over and over again.

Douglas Lim, Author, Family Christian Picture Book

Moments Remembered: A 30-Day Devotional for Families

We see within our family relationships each member’s faith journey with its many shades and unique challenges. In Moments Remembered, we get an opportunity to glimpse into the faith journey of the author’s family, revealing God’s presence at work. Let Moments Remembered be a springboard to illuminating God's presence in you and your family's lives.

Douglas Lim, Author: Free book download, Christian Devotional for Families
Douglas Author, Doug is a family-oriented Christian author and a freelance writer for several Christian websites and publications.

About the Author

Doug considers his faith and family to be most important to him. He is inspired by his family and treasures every moment with them—struck by deep humility and gratitude for them in his life.

He has been a would-be flutist and saxophonist, a nutrition activist, a fasting person, a black belt martial artist, a self-proclaimed therapist and philosopher, and a bit of a holiday Hallmark movie marathoner.

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1 Timonthy 3:5

If anyone does not know how to manage his own family, how can he take care of God’s church?

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